Indeed, none can deny that packing maximum muscle mass, without using steroids is something, very difficult! Others would say, it’s next to impossible!

The belief is right! That is, to encourage massive muscle gains, you do need to use steroids! The substances that promote gains and increase strength needed during workouts!

We all know that using steroids is one good way to achieve bodybuilding effects, however, at what cost, is also known by all! Luckily, you have safer alternates. Yes, I am talking about the legal steroids, which are highly potent enough to produce the same level of effects, generated by conventional steroids.

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Why should I choose legal steroids, in place of anabolic steroids?

You must simply choose legal steroids because:

  • They are free from harm: Yes, legal steroids do not possess side effects. On the contrary, the usage of anabolic steroids is completely risky. These are proven to root side effects such as high blood pressure, heart attack etc.

  • Their usage is regarded as legal: In many countries, the sale of anabolic steroids is banned. Thus, using them is considered a crime. However, since legal steroids do not causes severe complications, therefore, these are sold openly and are regarded as legal. This means that you do not need to fear about getting involved in mess with its usage!

  • These are approved by FDA: Yes, legal steroids are stamped to be safe by FDA.

  • Are easy to use: To use these, no injections and needles are required. Just take the steroid Orally! Yes, that simple!

What are the best muscle legal steroids of 2016?

Huge muscle-bound bodybuilders are always the center of attention in crowd. No doubt, their body is appealing and attractive for women, as well as men too! So, if you wish to look the same, that is, willing to make your body muscular and big, then all you need to do is:

  1. Follow a healthy diet.
  2. Perform intensive workouts regularly.
  3. Use a bulking, legal steroid.

So, if you are rightly following rule number 1 and 2 these days, but are unsure about which legal steroid to go for, then let us help you! Considering the need, we have come up with the best muscle legal steroids of 2016, all of which can help you bulk and turn massive!

So, what are these, have a look:

1. D-BAL:

crazy bulk d-balCrazy Bulk Dbal is a powerful, legal steroid that is used and preferred for its muscle building effects. It is the safer and legal copy of Dianabol, the injectable steroid. Dbal is not just considered for its bulking properties, however, is also used for its powers to augment stamina.

This legal steroid holds androgenic, plus, anabolic properties, all in one!

The benefits:

  • It promotes muscle gains.
  • Intensify strength levels.
  • Improves sex drive and concentration.

How it works:

  • It promotes nitrogen retention for your muscles to synergize more protein. As known, our muscles need protein to grow and amass, thus, improved nitrogen retention facilitates your muscles to take in more protein from the foods and shakes you consume.
  • Dbal improves blood circulation, which results in supplying more oxygen to the muscles. Like our muscles need protein to grow, likewise, they need a good supply of oxygen for their nourishment.
  • It also encourages the growth of testosterone. Being a highly crucial hormone, men need testosterone not just to amass muscles, but to burn the excess body fat as well.

Bottom Line:

This dbol legal steroid is ideal for the starters. It helps your body to bulk, which is greatly desired by all bodybuilders. It gives raw power for you to double your results through gymming!

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Crazy Bulk TrenorolTrenorol is another, potent legal steroid that is used for bulking purpose. It promotes lean gains, through a very safe and healthy approach. It is the legal version of the conventional steroid trenbolone, the usage of which is highly discourage for its nasty effects.

Trenorol, also known as Trenbolone acetate  can help you grow muscle mass by as much as 15 pounds within a month.

The benefits:

  • It encourages muscle gains.
  • Makes your muscles rock hard.
  • Increases strength and stamina levels.

How it works:

  • It increases nitrogen retention, so that your muscles can absorb more and more protein needed for their growth and development.
  • It encourages the production of red blood cell in the body. More R.B.C means better supply of oxygen to your muscles. Better supply means better nourishment.

Bottom Line:

TBAL75, now known as Trenorol is highly suitable for all those willing to bulk at the earliest! It is one good and proven way to turn big! The unique and powerful fusion of ingredients used in the formulation of this legal steroid also helps in speeding post-workout recoveries.


Crazy Bulk AnadroleIt is the legal alternative of anadrol. It holds strong anabolic properties and is highly favorable for all those willing to get muscle bound in months!

Apart from stimulating the growth of muscles, anadrole is ideal for men willing to improve virility. It has also proven to treat muscle growth deficiency.

The benefits:

  • Anadrole supports lean muscle growth.
  • It is also used to raise strength levels.
  • The legal steroid also delays fatigue.

How it works:

  • The mechanisms applied by anadrole are similar to the ones of Dbal and trenorol. To support muscle gains, it improves nitrogen retention.
  • Anadrole raises the making of red blood cell to improve the supply of oxygen to your ‘targeted’ muscles.

Bottom Line:

Anadrole is a bodybuilding supplement that can be used by men, serious about muscle gains. Ideally, Anadrole can be used by novice and advanced bodybuilders. Plus, if you lack stamina in gym and are looking forward for an agent that can help you increase your strength and physical power, then anadrole is the right, legal steroid for you!


Crazy Bulk TestoMaxThe legal counterpart of sustanon, Testo Max is a highly powerful, testosterone booster. Testo Max holds great health benefit for the users, apart from its bulking, shedding and strength enhancement powers.

Testo Max can be used to grow muscle mass, as well as to cut the unneeded body fat, both.

The benefits:

  • It supports the growth of lean muscles.
  • It melts away the unneeded body fat.
  • It is highly beneficial for your sex drive.

How it works:

  • Testo Max, as the name says, is an agent that stimulates the making of testosterone in body. More testosterone can change the game for you, for your body needs this vital hormone to develop and amass muscles.

Bottom Line:

Apart from helping you bulk, Testo Max offers several health benefits as well. For example, it can help you shred your body for a well-defined, clearer look. Besides, it is also good for your libido, focus, and sleep. So, if you wish to bulk in a healthiest manner, then Testo Max is the legal steroid, meant for you!


Crazy Bulk DecaduroThen comes deca duro, the safer and legal alternate of deca durabolin. The legal steroid is highly praised for its powers to boost muscle gains.

Not just it helps to bulk, however, it also works to burn the body fat that surrounds and hides your muscles underneath.

The benefits:

  • It facilitates lean muscle gains.
  • It burns excess body fat, without ‘harming’ your gains.
  • Deca duro also relieves joint pain.

How it works:

  • It promotes muscle gains by maximizing nitrogen retention. By this, your muscles become able to take in more protein, needed for their repair, growth and development.
  • It holds strong thermogenic Syntha 6 fat burning properties that enable your body to get rid of the accumulated fat speedily.

Bottom Line:

Deca duro is highly favorable for all those seeking an agent that can help them bulk and cut simultaneously. It is meant for the ones keen to carve and shape their body, like professional bodybuilders.

So, these were the 5 best, Anabolic legal steroids of 2016. These can help you bulk and bound muscles like you always wanted.


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